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Open Source Conference 2010 Hokkaido

Posted on: June 26, 2010

I participated Open Souce Conference in Sapporo, Hokkaido (Japanese Site). This is the fourth attend by WordBench community in 2010.

Enlarge the picture of sashimi of Hokke

We eat sashimi of Hokke at Sapporo.

I went to Hokkaido at Jun 25th, one day before the conference, and met two local WordPress users and two WordPress user from Tokyo. We had a small party with delicious Hokkaido foods like sashimi of Hokke.

At Jun 26th, Hiromasa — a plugin developer at Sapporo — had a seminar about WordPress at the conference. Many people visited the booth of WordPress.

The third day of Hokkaido, I went to Furano and Biei. This is a middle area of Hokkaido. Furano is well-known as a lavendar farm, Biei has wide and beautiful farms. In Hokkaido, there is a boundless view of green fields against the main island of Japan.

Enlarge the picture of a lavender farm

A lavender farm at Furano

Enlarge the picture of a tree at Biei farms

A tree at Biei farms.

(See Japanese article. See Japanese prompt reports)

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