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Enlarge the picture of the lens

AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G

I got a AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G, which is a single focal length lens. With D90, it will be a lightweight camera system. For Nikon DX format, the 35mm focal length means normal length lens, because effective focal length will be 52.5mm (35mm x 1.5 times).

Below is a photo sample near Kawasaki station. This building is “Muza Kawasaki“, a symphony hall. With a wide diameter as f/1.8, I could take a picture at night scene.
Enlarge the picture of Muza Kawasaki

(See Japanese article)

Enlarge the picture of Nikon D90
I got a Nikon DSLR “D90“. I has been interested in DSLR, but has no chance to buy one. But, I found a D90 and lens unit as 90,000 JPY at Kawasaki. This is reasonable price.

D90 is an attractive device for photo. There are many photo fan among WordPress users in Kanto area. There are a “Shashinbu” blog at WordPress.com (Japanese site).

Enlarge the picture of folk houses

Sasaki house on the right. Emukai house on the left.

I went to Nihon Minka-en (Open-Air Japanese folk house museum) at Tama ward of Kawasaki city. There are many folk house build about one to three hundred years ago. They are suitable for the subject of photos.

(See Japanese article)

Enlarge the picture of Hikari Portable
I got a mobile Wi-Fi router “Hikari Portable” which is provided by NTT East. This product has a battery, a 3G mobile communication unit and a Wi-Fi infrastructure. It sets up a private Wi-Fi network and ties the Wi-Fi network with a 3G data link. Users can access the Internet through the private Wi-Fi network, and 3G data link. The battery enables the Internet access on the go!

NTT East offers Hikari Portable only for rental, not for sale. The rental fee is just 315 JPY per month. It is very low price against sales unit. For SIM free version of Hikari Portable, users can insert a favorite SIM card and make a 3G data link.

I use this unit with EMOBILE 3G services (Japanese site). It costs 4,980 JPY a month (New two-year plan).

The Wi-Fi router is very useful. I can connect the Internet from MacBook, iPhone 3GS, and Android smartphones in the train, cafe, etc.

(See Japanese article)

Enlarge the picture of Flowers That Bloom at Midnight

Flowers That Bloom at Midnight by KUSAMA Yayoi

I went to Nagoya in two weeks intervals since Open Source Conference 2010 Nagoya. This tour is to appreciate Aichi Torienale and attend to a WordPress meetup at Hotta area.

Aichi Torienale 2010 is an international art festival in Nagoya city since 2010. This year is the first exhibition. The art place is Aichi prefecturral museum of art, Nagoya city art museum (Japanese site), and some spot in the city. This art event starts from today to the end of October.
One of the most remarkable works is Flowers That Bloom at Midnight by KUSAMA Yayoi. This art represents a dot-colored flower. I visited Aichi prefecturral museum of art at the first day of Aichi Torienale.

Enlarge the picture of the party
In the afternoon, I moved Hotta area and attend to a WordPress meetup. In this time, the main study is the theme structure of Twenty Ten on WordPress 3.0. The presenter was MATSUSHITa Hiroko (Japanese site). After the study, a staff meeting for WordCamp Nagoya 2010 was taken, and a party was made.

(See Japanese article)

Enlarge the picture of the WordPress booth
I participated Open Souce Conference in Nagoya (Japanese Site). This is the sixth attend by WordBench community in 2010, and second attend at Nagoya area of Open Source Conference.

In the booth, we distributed a leaflet (which describe WordPress and the community), and WordPress stickers. Also, Mobile view of WordPress sites using Ktai Style plugin was performed.

A small WordPress seminar was held by Mighty-Works who is a web designer in Nagoya.

Nagoya is located middle area in the main island of Japan. Nagoya city is established in the four hundred years ago by TOKUGAWA Ieyasu. The year 2010 is the 400th memorial year.

WordPress community in Nagoya decided to held a WordCamp Nagoya 2010, and use the same place as Open Source Conference Nagoya. The conference is like a rehearsal for the WordCamp😉

(See Japanese article)

A Bon festival danding and drum playing was held my local town. Bon festival held at the evening in the summer. The entrants enjoy cool breeze against the hot day. The dancers make a circle around a center tower, and walk circulary. In the center tower, dance music is played with Japanese drum.

Enlarge the picture of drum playing
In this area, a drum-play was performed. Kids was practicing for the day. Beautiful and powerful melody was broken by drams.

Enlarge the picture of main street of Ouchi-Juku
I went to Ouchi-Juku which is a traditional Japanese village in Fukushima prefecture.

Ouchi-Juku was a post station at Edo period. The station is in the main road at the age. But, the railway line was missed the road and this station, Ouchi-Juku has been left the ancient street. In the present time, The street was specified to preserve the state. Many tourists visit the village.

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